Outsmart Traffic and Improve your Commute

Providing commuters a tool (mobile application) that gives personalized routing and traffic visualization; allowing everyday people to understand the things that affects their common destinations. Looking deep into what commuters use to collect information about their daily drive down major highways, my thesis project at Academy of Art University reinvents the way people interact traffic reports, knowledge, and map visualizations with advanced mobile routing and traffic/accident updates.

Visual Design Mockups

Task Flows

DriverPlus task flows on main use cases

DriverPlus mobile information architecture

Design Research

DriverPlus Experience Map - Mapping experiences on car drivers

Persona - Challenges and painpoints of 3 main user types

Interaction Design

Key Interaction Areas

Visual Design Exploration

Over the course of showing these moodboards to 6 different people, it seems like most people liked the following two moodboards A & B, and mentioned the other moodboard felt too blue and familar to apps like Facebook and Twitter mostly due to the color and modern style. Out of this outcome, I've decided to experiment with these two directions when exploring the visual design of my app.

Color and Typography

DriverPlus logo design exploration and guide


Sketching and System Mapping

Sketching on notepads and reciepts was always used when I had an idea that I did not want to forget.Most of the process of design involved carrying a notebook to sketch ideas, take notes, make lists. A similar form of sketching was using whiteboards that helped in quickly sketching ideas out and talking through scenarios. This process helped in validating concepts of sketches and also participation with potential users. Through active discussion, this process helped gather insights and their concerns and allowed users to have an active role in the design process.

Early Wireframe Concepts

The process of creating multiple wireframe sets was crucial in externalizing ideas, creating application maps to evaluate screen flow, and to make testable prototypes in Invision. This allowed me to test concepts and narrow down features that were only necessary for the user. These wireframes are cheap to make, within a matter a hours or at most, a few days.