eBay Merchant Integration Platform (MIP)

Tool for large merchants to manage products through feeds

Imagine being a large enterprise merchant with thousands of inventory items and several warehouses. If you wanted to place your inventory on eBay, the traditional eBay.com selling workflows that work great for smaller sellers would probably not fit your needs at scale, or require lots of man hours to upload items, maintain and track orders. Merchant Integration Platform (MIP) lets you sell products on ebay.com through uploading feeds servicing products, availability, distribution from a sellers warehouse, and order fullfilment.


When I began this project, it was already a white label service where eBay manually helped companies like Target, Kohls, and others by leveraging their MIP file server to send config-spec files. This helped merchants determine how to transform their custom feed files into eBay listings. I was part of the redesign of the user interface to make it much simplier for customers to use by themselves. The goal was evolve the MIP Platform to a self-service model for both small businesses and traditional large merchants

Homepage Design

The MIP Homepage design needed to be simply enough for new merchants to understand it's value.

App Mockups

When working on the MIP app design, the previous UI had many pages and links scattered throughout. With the new design, we provided a simplier navigation model; reducing dozens of options to 5 clearly labeled sections.

MIP App Wireframes: Getting Started - Onboarding Flow

The Getting Started/Onboarding flow needed to be intuitive and flexible to allowed merchants to get set up; we learned that the previous 1-2-3 step-by-step design showed signs of dropoff in the middle of the setup workflow. This guided step pattern allowed our users to complete sections at their own ease and time of convenience, but always know where they were in the process.

During the project, my general design process is to start exploring with concepts in the form of gray scale wireframes. This allows me to easily collaborate and communicate design solutions to the product manager I worked with. The wireframes below demonstate the getting started user flow.