eBay Marketplace Selling Projects

Interaction and visual design work for eBay Sellers, Trust, Vision projects

As a UX/UI designer on eBay's Selling and Local Marketplace team, I had a great opportunity to work with large team of talented designers where we produced UX, interaction and visual design deliverables to create product experiences for B2C sellers. Depending on the scope of the projects, I designed task flows and wireframes based on PRD requirements, UER and system data. I also produced high-fidelity visual mockups leveraging eBay design system guidelines and redline specs for developers. See a collection of projects below. Two other ebay projects can be viewed, Merchant Integration Platform and Promoted Listings


Selling reminders component

Selling reminders - Expanded

Selling reminders - Minimized

eBay Mobile Messanging for Buyers and Sellers

Skunkworks at eBay, a yearly innovation expo event, my team created a new concept for allowing better buyer and seller communication than the current inbox system. A platform agnostic mobile messanging service leveraging device MMS allowing buyers to communicate and ask questions for high average-selling price (ASP) items.

This is a quick video animation I created in After Effects to communicate the product intent and customer value for what we were trying to accomplish. As a proof of concept, our team developed a prototype that allowed live chat from an eBay item page to native MMS for android, iphone, pebble watch.


My first project at eBay was visual design and spec support working with a talented design team that sorted out the complexity, created seller & buyer communication flows and edge cases. Post-Transaction is an eBay buyer/seller fullfilment experience for Item not recieved, Item disputes, Significant Not as Described, Returns, Resolution center, etc.


Part of my extended design work around B2C sellers involved investigating other workflows and improving their selling processes up and downstream. Much of these investigations were presented in storyboards and wireframe user flows.

• Order Management Vision - Concept Design •
• Seller Manager Listing Search Improvements - Concept Design •
• B2C End-to-End Unified Dashboard - Design Exploration •
• Inventory Management Vision - Wireframes •